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Competitive Women's Volleyball

Your daughter has potential to become an excellent volleyball player. Why not let her join a club that can further enhance her athletic skills? At Crescent City Juniors Volleyball, we invite enthusiastic, young female players to join our volleyball teams. From teaching the fundamentals to training them to become highly skilled players; we will do everything it takes to help our athletes to be the best they can be. Call today for more information about Crescent City Juniors. 

Come be a part of Crescent City Juniors.


Learn About Crescent City Juniors Volleyball

Enroll your daughter with Crescent City Juniors Volleyball (CCJ) so she can learn the fundamentals of her favorite sport. As a traveling volleyball club, we encourage young female players to join our volleyball training sessions. Our coaches teach the importance of positive attitude, teamwork, and the value of volleyball as a sport to every member. We not only help the girls build their athletic skills;
we also instill proper self-discipline.

As a blue-collar club, we focus on getting important tasks done such as building a strong foundation of skills for our players. Our head instructor, Danny Davis, coached the 20th Season of Crescent City Juniors Volleyball. He is IMPACT, BEACH IMPACT, CAP I and CAP II-certified instructor who's also a member of USAV, AVCA, and LVCA.

Mission Statement

The fundamentals of volleyball, the development of positive attitudes, teamwork, the importance of preparation for top-level competition, and the value of volleyball as a sport.

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Crescent City Juniors

Phone: 504-858-2280